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Affandi (1907-1990) – Indonesian art auction 2nd of June

Affandi (1907-1990) is considered to be one of the founding fathers of modern Indonesian art, together with a.o. Hendra Gunawan and S. Sudjojono. He started out as a self-taught impressionist, who -by accident, because his brush broke- introduced the ‘squeezing-the-tube’ technique in the 1950s. He simply squeezed the paint out of its tube, directly onto the canvas, thus drawing the outlines of his subject. It seems, that he first made a compository sketch with a brush or with his hands, and squeezed the impasto paint out of the tubes after that. 

This painting is dated 1962. Like many of his paintings, the size is quite big: 99 x 119 cm.
It will be sold at the Indonesian art auction on the 2nd of June 2015. 
Many other Indonesian artists will be at auction as well. For example Adolfs, Bonnet, Dooyewaard, Hofker, Israëls, Basoeki Abdullah, Lee Man Fong, Sonnega, Meier, Imandt, etc.

More information about our Indonesian art auctions:

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