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A few highlights, Asian Art March 2017

18 A polychrome porcelain bowl with a decor of three goats and a poem, which  is a symbol of the city Kanton. Marked with seal mark Daoguang. China, 20th century. H. 6 cm. Diam. 13,5 cm. Provenance: Sotheby’s Amsterdam, 1976. Literature to compare: Chinese Art, R.L. Hobson, description LXII. Hammer price: € 24000
215 A pair of blue and white porcelain bowls with floral decor with gentian flowers. Marked with six-character mark Yongzheng. China.
Hammer price: € 21000
306 A namban lacquer chest with stingray base, inlaid with mother of pearl. Copper handles and mounts. Interior decorated with black lacquer decorated with hares. Japan, ca. 1600.
Hammer price: € 13000
78 A rare Yixing teapot in bamboo shape with dark brown spots (Xiang Fei Zhu). China, 18th century. H. 12,5 cm. Provenance: mrs. Heijmans – Stroink.
Hammer price: € 11000
299 An exceptional huge two-strand red coral necklace with silver clasp, set with rose cut diamonds. 19th century. Diam. ca. 14,2 – 17,6 mm and diam. ca. 14,7 – 17,5 mm.  Tot. weight ca. 295 gr. Hammer price: € 9000
80 A Yixing teapot, decorated with acorn branches. Knob in the shape of a branch with squirrel. China, 18th century. Hammer price: € 7000
157 A blue and white porcelain deep dish with a decor of several dragons with five claws. Marked with six-character mark Jiajing. China. Diam. 21 cm.
Hammer price: € 7000
79 A Yixing teapot, decorated with blossom branches. China, 18th century.
Hammer price: € 6500
134 A blanc-de-Chine bowl decorated with incised peonies. Illegible marked. China, Dehua, 17th century. Diam. 16,5 cm. Literature to compare: P.J. Donnelly, Blanc de Chine, London, 1969, pl. 37A. Hammer price: € 5000
45 Porcelain jardinière on wooden pedestal with various decors of mountain landscapes, birds on flower branches and characters. China, 20th century. Dim. excl. pedestal 28,5 x 19,5 x 7,5 cm. Provenance: bought in Hong Kong, 1978. Hammer price: € 4800
56 A four-panel table screen with a decor of poems. China, 20th century. Dim. 75,5 x 68 cm. Provenance: bought in Hong Kong, 1978. Hammer price: € 4800
377 A blue and white porcelain bottle vase, decorated with seated figures in garden and two boys holding a duck. Neck decorated with floral designs. China, Transition, 17th century.
Hammer price: € 4800
274 An eight-panel wooden screen with fourty-eight porcelain plaques in Famille Rose and blue decor of figures and characters. China, 1890.
Hammer price: € 4600
344 Lot of five scrolls with a decor of flowers and birds, of which four are signed.
China, 20th century.
Hammer price: € 4600
444 A Famille Verte lobbed armorial plate with scalloped rim, decorated with the province shield of ‘Gelderlant’, surrounded with panels with figures and floral designs. China, Kangxi.
Hammer price: € 4600
31 A pair of polychrome porcelain  chicken cups with a decor of a man, flowers and a poem of Emperor Qianlong. Marked with seal mark Qianlong. China, 20th century. H. 6,5 cm. Diam. 8 cm. Provenance: Christie’s Amsterdam,1989. Hammer price: € 4400