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Lee Man Fong (1913-1988) ‘Lonely fisherman’

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Lee Man Fong, Indonesian Art Auction 6th of December 2019

“Lee Man Fong is a Chinese artist who, due to circumstances, didnot live in the country of his ancestors much, and – which is of hugeimportance for his whole training – who received all of his educationin Western technique. Artistically, though, he fully acquired and joinedthe Chinese tradition, as he considered and studied Chinese art and alsosome Japanese woodcuts. The outcome is Chinese painting using Westerntechniques. And this result is absolutely not hybrid: he made the oil paintingtechnique wholly subservient to his esthetical purposes. Colour plays just asupporting role in his work most of the time; the main accent lies on the oftencalligraphic brushstrokes. The sensitive lines he thus forms, say everything. (….)
Chinese art has often been called‘the art of suggesting’.When we see these works, the landscapes in particular,we recognize the truth of this even more.It is the ‘Lonely fisherman’ and ‘The Waterfall’I have in mind here.”
H.R. Rookmaaker in ‘Lee Man Fung, een Chinees schilder van formaat’,Trouw, 24th of May 1949, p. 4.
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