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Asian Art Sale March 2018 – A few highlights

By 23 maart 2018augustus 16th, 2019No Comments
All results are hammer prices.
204: A blue and white ‘kraak’ porcelain oblong lidded box decorated on each side with two flying dragons with burning pearl. The cover with openwork and decorated with flowers and symbolism. Marked with 6-character mark. China, Wanli.
Dim. 9,5 x 25,5 x 19 cm.
€ 58.000
995: A large celadon porcelain cachepot with white relief decor of flowers.
Unmarked. China, 20th century. Diam. 47 cm. H. 43 cm.
€ 32.000
1212: A polychrome porcelain vase decorated with kneeling figures.
Marked with seal mark. China, 20th century. H. 29 cm.
€ 24.000
843: A large Famille Verte porcelain bowl, decorated to the exterior with panels in three bands depicting scenes from the ‘Romance of Western Chamber’ against a green speckled ground with blossoms. The inner rim with shaped cartouches enclosing auspicious emblems against a diaper ground. The centre with figures in front of a garden wall. Marked with censer. China, Kangxi.
H. 18 cm. Diam. 34 cm.
€ 18.000
116: A Dehua Blanc-de-Chine porcelain lamp and stand with inscribed text on the belly with date 22nd year of the reign of emperor Kangxi. The bowl with everted rim, with a conical tube rising from the centre of the interior. The wall text is a poetic prayer before battle and dated Kangxi year 1683. China, Kangxi. H. 17,5 cm. Diam. 17,5 cm.
€ 17.000
797: A gilded polychrome cloisonné enamel musical chime, decorated on both sides with two
five-clawed dragons and a poem by Qianlong. On carved wooden stand. China, 19th/20th century.

L. 35 cm. € 15.000

1390: A lot of two blue and white porcelain deep bowls, decorated with birds and flowers.

Marked with seal mark. China, 20th century. Diam. 20 cm.
€ 14.000

1340: A lot of two green and white porcelain bowls, decorated with flowers and birds. Marked with seal mark. China, 20th century. Diam. 25 cm.

€ 11.000

201: A very rare earthenware pillow with straw-colored marble glaze.

China, Tang dynasty. Dim. 6 x 12 x 8,5 cm.
€ 10.500
119: A powder blue porcelain dish decorated with a rain dragon chasing the burning pearl.
Marked with 6-character mark Chenghua. China, Kangxi. Diam. 27 cm.
€ 10.000
150: A set of ten porcelain Famille Rose on ruby ground cups and nine saucers. The saucers decorated with one reserve in the shape of a leaf with a very finely painted decor of a bird standing on a peony branch. The cups with two similar reserves. Unmarked. China, Yongzheng.
H. cup 3,5 cm. Diam. saucer 11,5 cm.
€ 10.000

747: A square-shaped Yixing teapot. Marked with 7-character mark and seal mark Zi Jun.

China, 18th/19th century. H. 7,5 cm.
€ 8.500

701: A blue and white porcelain gourd vase,

decorated with mountains in a river landscape and anglers.
Unmarked. China, Qianlong. H. 32 cm.
€ 8.000
1235: A lot of two polychrome porcelain vases, decorated with figures and flowers.
Unmarked. China, 19th century. H. 60,5 cm.
€ 8.000
63: A very rare polychrome fresco painting on clay (loam) mixed with straw, depicting a pavilion scene with eleven high ranking court ladies entertaining each other. The clothing contours in relief. China, Yuan-Ming. Dim. 61,5 x 88,5 cm.
€ 7.500
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