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Newsletter November 2023

In this newsletter you will find the latest news regarding our auctions.

Click on the image for the printed catalogue (pdf)

December 12th: Exclusive Items

We hereby present you the 5th edition of our Exclusive Items auctions. Exactly 100 lots this time, eclectic and of a high standard. Almost all lots come from private collections. Below we will highlight a number of these exlusive items.

One of the paintings in our European section, is the ‘Portrait of Sterling Holloway’ by Karel Appel, made in 1960. Holloway is a Disney legend and is often called ‘The voice of Winnie the Pooh’. A painting that is not only interesting in terms of art, but also historically, is Reimond Kimpe’s work ‘Vliegt den Blauwvoet’. The title is related to his exile from Belgium because he strived for an independent Flanders.

From the estate of a former Dutch minister we received, among other things, the life-size sculpture ‘Enfants dansants’ by Jos de Decker.

In the field of antiquarian books, a particularly beautiful States Bible is worth mentioning. There is also a book of hours from the 15th century, of which is remarkable that it contains text in quite clearly readable Dutch.

High quality antique Dutch silver is also well represented. A large part of these lots comes from the estate of a well-known doctor from the province Zeeland.

The Chinese porcelain that we present in this auction is of a level that is rarely seen in household effects and estates nowadays in the Netherlands or Belgium. We received the largest part from a noble family from Belgium.

As always there are masterpieces from the former Dutch East Indies and Indonesia. The absolute highlights are the large paintings by Rudolf Bonnet and Hendra Gunawan and the ‘Balinese dancer’ by Willem Dooijewaard. In addition, there is also beautiful work by Willem Gerard Hofker, Han Snel and Arie Smit, among others.

Just like previous editions, we also offer a fine selection of M.C. Escher’s work. We are proud to present a proof print of the rare but very famous print ‘Drawing Hands’ with an excellent provenance.

This is a live auction with auctioneer, which starts at 1.30 PM.
The online catalogues can be found here: CATALOGUE 12 – 13 DECEMBER 2023


Friday, December 8: 10 AM – 5 PM
Saturday, December 9: 10 AM – 5 PM
Monday, December 11: 10 AM – 5 PM
Tuesday, December 12: 10 AM – Noon

December 13th: Asian Art - online (including Indonesian Art)

This auction contains once again a wide range of Chinese porcelain and also various Indonesian paintings and Balinese sculptures.

This auction starts at 10 AM with Chinese porcelain. The Indonesian Art section will start around 2.30 PM (starting with lot 501).


Book Rudolf Bonnet - beauty remains

After four years, there’s finally a book about Rudolf Bonnet for an international audience. Rudolf Bonnet is without doubt one of the greatest artists who ever worked in Bali.

The text of Dr. H. de Roever-Bonnet from the book ‘Rudolf Bonnet, een zondagskind’, which has been translated into English, is the basis of this new book. The book contains 288 pages and approx. 250 images, many of which are previously unpublished material.

You can now order the book in our WEBSHOP.