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About us

Zeeuws Veilinghuis belongs to the top in the Netherlands and Belgium. Its offices are located in Middelburg and Amsterdam. The auctions and viewing days usually take place in Middelburg. We also have an annex in Middelburg, Veilinghuis Korendijk, which is situated in the same building as Zeeuws Veilinghuis since June 2020.

Our office in Amsterdam is located in Gebouw Wittenberg (Luther Museum Amsterdam), Nieuwe Keizersgracht 570.

The following auctions are organized by us twice a year:
Exclusive Items
Asian Art
Indonesian Art

Once in a while, auctions of a specific collection or theme are organized. For example, we auctioned collections of Japanese swords, coins and books.

We distinguish ourselves by:
– Quality
– An international approach
– Specializations

Headquarters in Middelburg

Office in Amsterdam

Annex Veilinghuis Korendijk


We deliberately opt for offering a limited amount of lots per auction. We distinguish ourselves by quality, not by quantity. Consigned lots have to meet certain quality requirements. This enables us to guarantee a good presentation and promotion.

On 17 May 2022, we achieved the highest auction result for an art or antique object ever at a Dutch auction: € 1,600,000 (hammer price) for a painting by W.G. Hofker (confirmed by

It is also remarkable that we achieve high results year after year. In the last ten years, the highest results in the Netherlands for one single object were often achieved with us.

Our certified specialists know the current market situation and can provide you with correct valuations and advice. Short management lines ensure that things are arranged smoothly. Bureaucracy is foreign to us.


We are one of the pioneers in exploiting the possibilities of internet bidding. The lots to be auctioned are promoted not only on our own website, but also through other portals. As we offer the option of live online bidding during the auction, the maximum number of bidders that can participate in bidding on one lot is unlimited.

As a result of this approach, we sell to buyers worldwide. For example, we sell Chinese porcelain and paintings from the former Dutch East Indies directly to collectors and museums in the Far East.

Due to our location, we also have a large clientele in Belgium and France.


Indonesian Art

Asian Art

M.C. Escher

Silver and jewellery

Art and antiques related to Zeeland

Veilinghuis Korendijk

In the past years, Zeeuws Veilinghuis has become increasingly internationally oriented. This development requires a lot of attention. At times we are working for several days on the promotion of one exclusive object. To free up time for this, we established our annex Veilinghuis Korendijk in 2013.

Objects with more international potential are auctioned at Zeeuws Veilinghuis, the remaining items usually at Veilinghuis Korendijk. Without exception the auctions at Veilinghuis Korendijk are well visited.

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