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Benefits of selling at auction

Selling your objects through an auction house has a number of advantages. First of all, our specialists can provide you with a good auction valuation. Moreover, both parties share the interest in selling with the highest possible hammer price.

Another advantage is the broad (online) promotion. Customers worldwide can see your objects on the internet. We also approach customers from our international database when we think an object might be of interest to them.

Special objects are always shown in our printed catalogue and exclusive items are sometimes placed in the leading art and antiques magazines.

The convenience that comes with selling through an auction is another great advantage. After the objects are consigned to us, everything is arranged for you. For example, you do not have to advertise, arrange storage, receive customers, et cetera.

As an added advantage, all interested parties will come together at the auctions and bid against each other. We offer the option of bidding in the sale room, by phone, by placing an absentee bid and live online bidding.

Because of all these advantages, you will most likely achieve a much higher result when selling at auction, especially with exclusive objects.