Veilinghuis Korendijk

In the past years, Zeeuws Veilinghuis has become increasingly internationally oriented. This development requires a lot of attention. At times we are working for several days on the promotion of one exclusive object. To free up time for this, we established our annex Veilinghuis Korendijk in 2013.

Objects with more international potential are auctioned at Zeeuws Veilinghuis, the remaining items at Veilinghuis Korendijk. Without exception the auctions at Veilinghuis Korendijk are well visited.

All auctions of Veilinghuis Korendijk are timed-online, which means that the auction takes place on the internet, via a so-called timed-online auction system. The auctions runs for a week and ends at a specified time. You can enter your bids online until the specified time. For each auction several viewing days are organized, where you can have a look at all objects.

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