Valuations are possible by appointment only.

We also offer the option of sending us photos by email or Whatsapp (088-60 555 00) to have your objects valuated.

Auction and viewing days
Our new location provides enough room and possibilities to organize the auction and viewing days safely for our staff and visitors. We ask all our visitors to keep your own and other’s safety in mind by keeping a safe distance.

Of course, we follow the guidelines of the government. When visiting our auction house, please desinfect your hands at the door. You are welcome to bring a face mask as well.

Please note: update 29 September 2020 (viewing days and auction)

As of September 29, 2020, the government has updated the regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we can welcome a maximum of 30 visitors in our auction house. If during the viewing days the maximum number of visitors is reached, we ask you to wait outside until other visitors are leaving.

For the auction days, you can book your seat in advance by email. Please indicate your name, phone number and the auction session you want to attend. Your seat is ensured once we confirm your booking. We will reserve a bidding number for you at the reception.

Please keep in mind that we can offer a maximum of 30 seats per auction session. Therefore, we ask you to come alone if possible. In case all seats are booked, feel free to subscribe for online bidding through our website.